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Movie Info
Name: Four Pillars Of Basement
Release Date: 30 Oct 2015
Genres: Psycho, Thriller
Category: Bollywood Movies Of 2015, New Movies
Country: India
Language: Hindi1
Director: Giresh Naik K
Cast: Alia Singh, Bruna Abdullah, Chinmaya Parida, D T S Mixing, Dilzan Wadia, Shawar Ali, Zakir Hussain
One of the leading production house FAIR DEAL STUDIOS are taking care of all the pre, and post production. major song schedule was held in the beautiful city of Goa with the lead actors of the film. ‘Rehamo Karam’ is th song shot in Goa and over a schedule of 15 days. TU HAI GAZAB SONIYE starring DILLZAN and BRUNA was shot in baroda at a famous location named Dynamite lounges. Another major shoot schedule of the film was held in Surat at Rahul Raj mall, Baroda at K10 mall Dilzan Wadia will launch 11-year-old child prodigy Jayalakshmi touted to be the young Lata Mangeshkar


2015, Hindi Movie